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Top 25 X-Files Episodes

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I don’t need protecting.

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Dis my ship

❝The X-Files was probably the first great TV show to be galvanized by the Internet and the last great TV show to depict a world in which the Internet played no part.❞

In the Dark

by Brian Phillips

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Grey’s Anatomy cast in film:

Tessa Ferrer > Excision (2008)

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❝Emails will be stored and shared, if we can get around the firewalls and passwords, but no one is ever going to discover a cache of their grandparents’ emails in the attic. Our digital communication basically just shows where we were at a particular time. We’ll have our calendars and lots of texts saying “I’m going to be 10 minutes late” or “Let’s meet for supper here.” We’re wrong if we think that emails are going be around forever. Even today, some people think emails are too formal, too much effort. In 20 years all of our communication will be instant: texts, tweets, Skype messages. And then we will hardly leave any written record behind us at all.❞
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favorite character meme ★ [3/6] quotes

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Mao’s short and long program performances met with support by fellow skaters.

This is the third time I’m crying today over Mao Asada.

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